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The shell of infrared detector is used for the packaging of uncooled and cooled infrared focal plane detector. It is widely applied to such fields like infrared night vision, security and protection, fire protection, marine affairs application, monitoring and night vision observation, power monitoring, online monitoring of intelligent power grid, visual enhanced driving assistance system, railway, and so on. 

The uncooled infrared focal plane detector has two types of structure: metal wall-ceramic insulator structure and all-ceramic structure.

Metal shell: It is composed of metal chassis, metal wall, ceramic component and copper exhaust pipe. The copper exhaust pipe, which is integrated with shell, is featured by multi-lead and high reliability. Metal shells mainly have butterfly structure.

Ceramic shell: The structures are mainly LCC and PGA type, and oxygen-free copper exhaust pipe is optional. It is featured by multi- pin, no-TEC packaging and low cost.

Shell of cooled infrared detector: It is composed of circular ceramic component and metal ring; it can connect with Dewar cooler and resist -200℃ low temperature, and it has high reliability.


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Shell of infrared detector